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Beef burger with cheese

Beef burger with cheese

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Amazing cheese pizza

Amazing cheese pizza

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Texas Pork Ribs

Texas Pork Ribs

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Amazing cheese pizza

Pasta with Shrimp

Why Makeb’s is your best choice for bagel cafe or bagel shop?

Makeb’s main priority is costumer’s satisfaction, that’s why we start early in the morning to offer you a fresh, hot and delicious bagel. But also we have more options for breakfast or lunch, like ours sandwiches, gourmet sandwich, subs specials, eggs omelette, salad, soup and vegetarian options to deliver or enjoy on any of our locations.

We have been working on this for fifteen years, with our special bagel recipe and best attention, don’t miss it.

Makeb’s is your best food

nearby option

We offer a catering service for meetings, events or family reunions. Our team bring the food and parties supplies to your location! Worried about desks and chairs too? Thrust us, we will give you an extra hand.
Some conditions apply If you need those, we will help you but it’s an extra service so has an extra cost.


Makeb’s is well known for it’s bagels, after 15 years of experience we have improved our bagels recipe and always make sure we give you a fresh and hot bagelthat was recently cooked before your order.

Breakfast delivery / lunch delivery

Makeb’s not only work as a restaurant but also as a web restaurant so you can just choose your favorite breakfast delivery or lunch delivery. Just make sure you asked the restaurant that is in your sector Downtown, Military and Royal Palm.

Vegetarian fast food

Because every single customer is important for us, we have three really good options for veggies, such as : veggie wrap with many choices of toppings. Veggie quesadilla and Veggie melt.
Remember we have breakfast and lunch since early in the morning.

Healthy lunch

We have many healthy options that are as good as all our dishes but with less calories for your body.
We have plenty of options like our light bagels breakfast,salads, eggs omelette and veggies options: veggie wrap, veggie quesadilla, veggie melt, packed full of goodness and low calories.

Juice Bar

This year we added to our menu the juice bar. It’s about fresh fruits and fresh juices make it in the spot.
We have all natural fruit juice and orange juice gallon in case you want to share. Juice Bar now available just in our downtown location.

Veggie Melt

Our Favorite Vegetarian Recipes

We have the best healthy recipe for veggies customers: our quesadillas, wraps and melt are a must-try if you’re looking for delicious and healthy options for lunch, dinner or an appetizer.

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